Workshop: marketing in e-commerce

Lukáš Havlásek

Lukáš Havlásek

Event description

The lecture will focus on a basic introduction to the issue of e-commerce, definition of terms, forms and their specifics. Furthermore, the most used metrics, current trends and also a look at the history of Czech e-commerce and its expected further development and comparison with foreign countries.

Lukáš has been working in ecommerce for the last 16 years. A significant part of his career was connected with Shopsys, which he managed as CEO for many years. For the last three years he has been at Notin, where he is responsible for the development and direction of the e-commerce, mobile app and omnichannel environment in the 27 countries in which the company operates.

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Lukáš Havlásek

Chief E-commerce & Innovations Officer at Notino

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