TechTower spaces


Are you an innovative company looking for a place to work from? TechTower offers 2500 m² of offices ideal for business and innovation. They are the choice of small and larger companies who want to be part of an ecosystem of like-minded companies and individuals rather than being isolated in privacy.

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Multifunctional hall

The multifunctional hall of 640 m2 is an ideal place for organizing events with technological or innovative themes.

We offer the use of audiovisual equipment and furniture rental for interior use.

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The 400 m2 shared offices on the 4th floor are home to young innovators, startups, freelancers and students. There are 2 types of access: flexible space and a fixed desk that is yours alone for the duration of your membership.

Of course, there's also perfect connectivity, free coffee or a room for relaxing where you can unwind after hard work with a good book, board games and consoles.

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SeedUp Space

The heart of TechTower is located on the 6th floor of the building in a space called SeedUp Space. This space is the perfect place to hold your first investor meeting or team meetings over coffee and dessert.

The SeedUp Space is located almost at the very top of TechTower, which means it provides a spectacular view all the way to the Czech Republic, beyond where our startups are heading.

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Meeting rooms

Are you organizing a corporate event but the hall is too big for you ? Are you planning a workshop, training, business meeting or meeting where you need privacy?

Take advantage of our meeting rooms. We offer several of them. Each has certain specifics, but all are united by technical equipment and top-notch connectivity.

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Test Water Tank

A unique 10 meter deep water tank designed for training underwater robots and drones.

The tank is located on the 3rd floor and its size extends to the ground floor.

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The top floor of the TechTower is dedicated to a gallery where you can see an exhibition of historical photographs provided by the Pilsner Urquell Brewery archive. Here you will find photographs from the brewery's heyday, technical drawings and Světovar beer labels.

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Podcast studio

A professional podcast studio with full equipment is available for all SIT Port Cowork members. The studio is equipped with cameras, professional microphones and high quality acoustic panels to ensure the highest quality of recorded sound. Each member of the community has the opportunity to record their own show.

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